About us
We are a group of highly motivated people looking to make a difference to the product services industry by moving the focus from product development to user centered product evolution. Our team has experience in working with both startups and large organizations. We have the right mix of product development and product services that makes us the right team to partner with, if you are looking for people who have both the passion and heart to develop the products that strike the right chord with its users
Teamdecode advantage
End-to-end product development with focus on business agility
Live product backlog that can change during the entire product development life-cycle to meet business needs
Sprint size decided after discussing with partner and team
Technology team part of all discussions including design and conceptualization phase
No gap between decided features and delivered features
Follow test driven development
Testing integral part of sprint ensuring lesser time required for regression
Post-deployment support and enhancements available at competitive prices
Focus on Post deployment integral to implementation as much as developing the product